Pack of 3 Haan Pocket hand cleanser: Sunset Fleur, Morning Glory and Wood Night

Enjoy the three gentle fragrances that evoke different moments of the day. Spray format, in an original extra-flat container with a soft texture. Its unique formula eliminates 99.9% * of germs, without the need to wash your hands with water. With aloe vera, it moisturises and prevents the sensation of dryness.

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Pack of 3 containers of 30 ml of hand sanitizer, including different fragrances:  one Sunset Fleur/floral, one Morning Glory/marine and one Wood Night/wood.

- One container: +400 sprays

- Vegan

- Quick drying and non-sticky

- Does not smell like alcohol

- Suitable for aeroplane travel


Social commitment
20% of Haan profits are donated to the fight against the water crisis in developing countries by building underground water wells.



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