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What manicure tones will be trend this 2017 wear?

On: 7 / 11 / 2016 Comment: 0

Here you have our particular selection of trends for nails 2017, they will be wearing intense shades and contrasted combinations with your looks so that your manicure stand out- Military green, light green, green with a turquoise touch: it seems difficult to combine but it is the key to be asked what tone you take. Very cheeky

Dark blue with sparkles, a chic touch for short nails. Will match perfectly with your jeans.


- Cream or beige opaque with glossy finish for very natural nails, if you are not convinced the beige you can choose more peach shades.


- Purple, violet and burgundy: always elegant, the violet clear will look great if you have a dark skin tone. The burgundy and dark purples will stand out in a clear skin.


- Gray in different intensities, from the darkest almost black to the pearly gray. Rounded nails look perfect.

- Metallic silver with light flashes or with a lot of brightness mirror effect, two options, according to the occasion that would look great on short nails


- Glitter in silver or gold, you will be the queen of the party. Try applying it with a sponge makeup to small touches, the result is spectacular

- Always Red with a brilliant touch, from red apple to red cherry, favors all forms of nails.

- And if you dare .... Mustard tones are a must!

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