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My first kit to stay extra cute

Enjoy those simple and comforting everyday moments with your baby with this kit to delicately take care of their nails and hair.The kit contains: special tempered glass file, small head nail clipper, extra short blade scissors, rounded tip comb and ultra-soft fibre brush.

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The first step is to check your baby’s fingernails regularly. They are fine and delicate, break easily and form edges that they can scratch themselves with. The special tempered glass file gently removes jagged edges without over filing the sides of the nails. Its extra-fine grain surface and rounded tips allow for safe filing and prevents the formation of edges. It is very durable and you can wash it after each use.


Take advantage of the moment after a bath to cut your baby's nails, as they are usually more relaxed. With the small head nail clipper or the special extra-short blade scissors, it will be very easy. Cut following the natural line of nail growth and round the ends so that the baby won’t scratch him or herself. A straight cut is recommended for toenails. After cutting them, use the file to make sure that there are no small edges left.


And to take care of baby’s hair, which is still very fine and sometimes sparse, there’s nothing better than the round-tip comb or the ultra-soft fibre brush. They protect the baby’s delicate scalp and are very comfortable to use thanks to their long handles.




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