Natural Fiber, the first complete range of sustainable personal care accessories

On: 21 / 11 / 2019 Comment: 0
Putting on makeup, combing your hair or filing your nails are little daily actions that we can turn into a more sustainable option. Introducing the first complete range of sustainable wheat fiber based personal care accessories, Natural Fiber. A line that responds to the more than trend, reality of a healthy lifestyle that encompasses one's own well-being and environmental awareness to maintain a more sustainable environment. Natural Fiber is composed of:

Cruelty free makeup brushes made of extra soft synthetic hair for a perfect finish. Long handles for precise application, no metal ferrule, a further step in our commitment to sustainability. A collection of 7 makeup brushes:

- Large powder brush: Dome shaped: ideal for all kinds of powders pressed, loose or bronzers
- Yachiyo blush brush: Smooth pointed head: precise application of blush or highlighter
- Slanted liquid foundation brush: Flat and slanted head: ideal for cream or liquid foundations
- Liquid foundation brush: Perfect and smooth finish with liquid foundations and face masks
- Concealer brush: Maximum precision and smoothness to cover dark circles or any imperfection
- Blender eye shadow brush: Perfect to apply and blend eye shadow on the eyelid and highlight the arch of the eyebrow
- Precision eye shadow brush: To apply and blend the eye shadow on the mobile eyelid the lash line and the eye crease

Hair Care
Refined designs that combine functionality, ergonomics and soft-touch materials. A complete range that meets the needs of all hair types and hairstyles.Hair care line consisting of 5 brushes and 3 combs:

- Detangling brush, anti-tangle bristles: 20 mm long bristles: flexible and resistant. Ergonomic design. Suitable for fine hair
- Ceramic thermal brush, ø32 mm: Professional drying and styling
- Cushion brush, wood bristles: Gentle massage and scalp protection
- Flexible vent brush, anti-tangle bristles: Round- tip bristles: gently comb and massage the scalp
- Detangling brush, bristles in 2 sizes: Exclusive anti-tangle design. Untangle without jerks or frizz
- Mini detangling brush: anti-tangle round- tip bristles that gently comb and massage the scalp. Maximum softness even for fine hair
- Dressing comb, rounded tooth tips: Ideal for short hair
- Styling comb, rounded tooth tips: All hair types, dry or wet
- Afro comb: ideal for curly hair
- Headband and scrunchie: 100% organic cotton

Travel beauty essentials
Must-haves in the perfect size for travelling.

- Two jute cosmetic bags: with cotton string
- Double  folding mirror:  x4 magnification and normal vision
- Facial brushHighly suited for a deep cleaning of the face, it allows removing any remain of makeup, oil and daily dirt that may clog pores
- 6 reusable makeup remover pads: Gently and thoroughly remove makeup and cleanse the face skin. Double- sided: the ultra-soft cotton side is suitable for liquid products and the otheer side combines cotton material with bamboo charcoal, with purifying and detoxifying properties. 
- Roll-up jute case with 5 makeup brushes: containing Yachiyo blush brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, eye shadow blender brush and precision eye shadow brush.

Natural Fiber is a range of sustainable products also with regard to its packaging, made with FSC certified cardboard (which shows a sustainable use of forests).