Deslía Pop Up - The Innovative Brush for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

The new Deslía Pop Up  brush is born from a fundamental premise of every personal care routine: cleanliness is the key to health and beauty.

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Los mejores cepillos para pelo fino y quebradizo

It is true that we cannot fight with the type of hair we have, but genetics aside, there are different factors that are directly related to the health of our hair. The shampoo, the pre and post wash moisturising cosmetics, the type of treatments we subject it to (dyes, keratins, combing...), the stylings, hairdryers, straighteners and curling irons we choose to give it the desired shape... Even the temperature at which we wash, comb and dry it.

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The brushes that keep your hair clean for longer

There are many reasons why we might not want to wash our hair every day. We may not want to subject it to drying and styling tools that can damage it, maybe we don’t always have time, or maybe we just have a rather oily scalp and want to avoid the 'dirty hair' look without having to wash it daily. Using dry treatments or specific shampoos for oily hair is not the only solution. Often our hair just needs a good brush to look beautiful. As simple as that.

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The leaf-shaped brush that your hair needs

Hair plays a very important role in our personal care routine. It is sensitive to changes in the weather, the seasons (humidity, cold, sun...), to the treatments we submit it to (dyes, irons, curlers...), to the passage of time... We can pamper it with shampoos, oils, masks and even vitamins according to its needs; the market is full of options. Another way to take care of it, that is sometimes overlooked, is by choosing the appropriate brush that adapts to the needs of your hair, such as the Natural Fiber detangling brush, also known as the leaf-shaped brush.

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How to dye your hair at home

Dying hair, either for a change of look or to cover grey hair, is something that most women and some men do at some point in our lives, it’s a beauty ritual or slavery, depending on how you see it ;) But not all of us have the time, the desire or the money to do it regularly at the hairdresser’s, and now that we are so often stuck at home, we need a little skill if we want to keep our hair dyed and looking good. The market offers a multitude of solutions that are increasingly easy to use, with ingredients that, in addition to dyeing hair, keep it shiny and in good condition.

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Rocker look with a braid

Transform your look with a casual, rebellious touch. We suggest a high braid, which is very easy to do, combined with intense makeup, the right shade of manicure and your leather jacket. You’re going to love it! This style is full of strength and personality; ideal for a concert or on those bad hair days.

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A high bun with braids, the perfect hair-up style for a wedding guest

This very elegant and easy-to-do hair-up style is ideal for a wedding or special celebration. This hairstyle will add a few centimetres to your height as if by magic and has a slimming effect.

We are going to explain how to do it step by step in just a few minutes. The results are spectacular! We recommend you don’t do this style with freshly-washed hair. It’s better to wash your hair the day before, which helps your style last longer.

The first step is to untangle the hair with a detangling brush to prevent frizz.

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A high braid, an easy hair-up style for long hair

If you have long hair, it’s time to try this hair-up style that is absolutely bang on trend. This high braid instantly makes you look younger, with a slimming effect on the face, and coming to your aid on those days when you just can’t do anything with your hair. This hair-up style is fresh, modern, casual and, above all, very stylish.

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Hairstyle trends 2018

If you are thinking about a change of style or want to revamp your locks, we invite you to take a look at what is in this year so that you know what to ask for when you go to the hairdresser’s and leave happy with the results.

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Which brush works best for us?

It isn’t easy to choose the type of brush that works best for us. With such a variety of brushes on the market it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly which one best suits our hair type and favourite hairstyles. We also have to remember that as well as “taming” our crowning glory, the brush benefits our scalp’s health, as its bristles and the strokes made during styling stimulate blood circulation.

So, we have detangling brushes, round brushes with boar bristles, thermal ceramic brushes, cushion brushes, vent brushes... What does each one do, and which is best suited to the type of hairstyle we are looking for?

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How do you clean your hair brushes?

different types: wooden and natural bristles, cushion, thermal, detangling Many of us have more than one: the one we use to detangle our hair before and/or after washing it, the one with which we mould our hair, the one that helps smooth it, the one we take to the gym, the one we keep at work… These tools accumulate quite a lot of dirt (dust, hair…) and once in a while they need some TLC to keep them effective and make sure they are in good condition to take care of our hair. Here we explain the best ways to clean them.

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The right way to take care of and dry your hair in 8 steps

We like to take care of our hair, to keep it shiny, healthy, beautiful. We dedicate as much as time, money and effort as we possibly can to it. We go to the hairdresser’s regularly, buy shampoos suited to our hair type, even look for tutorials on YouTube to find innovative hairstyles and great treatment products... But what if we are getting the simplest things wrong? Do we take care of and dry our hair properly after we wash it?

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