Social responsibility

Industrias Beter, SA is a private entity that works towards the achievement of rightful objectives of general interest that contribute to the economic, social and environmental progress of society.

In line with its foundational objectives and its profile as a socially responsible company, Industrias Beter, SA promotes behaviour in agreement with the following corporative values:

  • Teamwork
  • Results orientated
  • Customer service
  • Enterprising spirit
  • Social responsibility


These values are expressed in a threefold approach: financial, social and corporate social responsibility, according to which the entity responds in a balanced and modern way to the main expectations of its stakeholders.

Governing bodies: the groups of interest that are statutorily recognised and represented in the governing bodies are clients, employees and society, the latter through social interest groups and local corporations. They are, therefore, the primary beneficiaries of activity by Industrias Beter, SA and responsible for the effective implementation of the entity’s founding objectives. 

Personnel: this is the key group for the proper running of the entity, with legitimate interests in personal and professional development, health and safety, equal opportunities, work and family reconciliation, stability, etc. They are the ambassadors of Industrias Beter, SA towards the outside and the internal client of the entity par excellence. 

Clients: they are the central axis on which Industrias Beter, SA’s management model spins, committed to establishing trusting, long-term relationships thanks to fully covering their financial needs through products and services that are innovative, high-quality and adapted to their specific requirements.

Suppliers and contractors: as business partners they offer guarantees of quality and efficiency in the supply and Industrias Beter, SA, in turn, offer transparent contractual relations and equal opportunities in the selection and payment in order and on time. They are also those who are able to actively defend human rights, the dignity of the worker and respect for natural heritage in the case that they are present in geographical regions with looser legislation than the Spanish.