Beter, por un futuro más sostenible

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Sustainability and respect for the environment are key at Beter, both in the design of our products and their packaging, and also in our logistics management. That is why we prioritize the reduction of plastic, the use of sustainable materials, and the search for biodegradable components for the development of new personal care lines, as well as the recycling and reduction of resources in our logistic tasks. The well-being of the planet is also ours. 


In line with our strategy, we have renewed the packaging of the Beauty Care range distributed in perfumeries and department stores. More than 200 references have gone from being packaged in heat sealed blister to being packaged in 100% FSC certified cardboard, that comes from forests where production is controlled and provides environmental, social and economic benefits. The blister, made of thermoformable and heat-sealable PVC, was once a demand from our customers selling in the self-service format, and was intended to prevent theft by using a secure seal between two plastics that makes them difficult to open.

 Pinzas de depilar Beter

The new FSC carboard pack gives the product a refined aesthetic and enhances the qualities of the product.


Our plan is based on three concepts:


New functional, practical, didactic and sustainable pack. Maximum reduction of the use of plastic.


A single material for each pack facilitates recycling

Products made with sustainable materials. A good example is the Natural Fiber range of make-up and personal care accessories, made from biodegradable materials based on wheat fibre, where the maximum reduction of plastic and respect for the environment are paramount, also in its packaging, made from FSC cardboard.

It is a 360º concept, since it includes internal processes of separation and recycling and a ZeroWaste philosophy in our logistic space with official certifications.



The few packs that, due to the characteristics of the product, could not be converted to FSC cardboard format are packed in zip bags that can be reused later to protect the product on the go. On the other hand, the surplus material from production and packaging is used to protect the product during the transportation.

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More relevant information for the consumer


The redesign of the packaging incorporates both the desire to be useful and to accompany the consumer in her beauty and personal care ritual, informing her not only of the main characteristics of the product, but also of the way it is used and its benefits. We want to share all our knowledge in beauty to help consumers, as we like to think we have been doing since 1936.

For us, beauty is a sum of things in which the well-being of our planet plays a fundamental role. Sustainability and respect for the environment cover all business activities at Beter. See video