Fresh and Clean Scalp with Elipsi High Tech Pins Brush

On: 24 / 10 / 2023 Comment: 0

Discover the ultimate hairbrush: Elipsi High Tech Pins. Designed to care for your hair and scalp, this anti-tangle brush features innovative HighTech Pins, cutting-edge technology for a pleasant and effective brushing experience.

Details and Features:

 - Next-Generation Pins: We've replaced the epoxy-coated ball pins with a single-material pin, ensuring smooth and tangle-free brushing. The manufacturing process involves applying heat to create a perfect protective sphere at the pin's end, preventing hair snags.


- Dual and Extra-Fine Design: The dual pins, combining a longer one with a shorter one, effectively remove tangles while cleaning and massaging the scalp. They promote circulation and provide a relaxing massage experience.


- Heat Resistant: Withstanding temperatures up to 140°C, you can easily dry your hair. Additionally, the brush's vented structure speeds up the drying process, caring for your hair at every step.


The Elipsi High Tech Pins brush is available in two sizes, perfect for your bag, makeup pouch, or gym bag. Choose from three colours and enjoy its semi-transparent finish.


Get your Elipsi High Tech Pins brush today and always flaunt fabulous hair!