10 habits that will improve your beauty routine in 2019

On: 9 / 01 / 2019 Comment: 0

Start the year with renewed energy! It is time to put all those good intentions into practice with simple daily habits that can improve your beauty routine and you will reap the rewards in the long term. Tensuggestions for making the most of the new year:

1-More sustainable solutions: removing makeup only with water and a magic makeup removing towel, combing your hair with a natural fibre brush and using 7 Free nail polishes, free of toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, parabens and xylene. They are all habits that respect the environment and that save you money too.


2- Sunscreen, not only in summer: your face is exposed to the sun’s rays every time you leave the house. A CC Cream or a SPF30 foundation is the ideal solution. The sun is one of the causes of skin ageing and sunscreen is essential for ensuring youthful, healthy skin.


3- Rest and pamper yourself: take advantage of the weekends and holidays to relax and carry out treatments that require a little more time. Giving yourself a manicure or pedicure and applying a facemask without rushing are all very enjoyable rituals.


4- Putting the hairdryer and irons away for a few days is a beauty treatment that doesn’t cost a penny and your hair will gain shine. You can also give your nails a rest by not applying nail polish one week a month; that way you’ll get the air to them.


5- Removing makeup every day is the best investment for a healthy-looking face. If you feel lazy at night, do it as soon as you get home, that way you’ll have done your duty before bedtime. Don’t forget to apply your night treatments to feel fresh and renewed in the morning.


6- Neglected areas: the neck and neckline also need attention. Moisturising them daily, as we do the face, is a habit that you will be glad of in the summer. The same is true for feet; in winter we tend to neglect them a little, but a monthly pedicure is the best way to have beautiful feet when the good weather arrives.


7- Do exercise: regularly toning your body keeps it young and in shape. There is no need to do marathons; just walking quickly for 30 minutes a day is ideal exercise.


8- Use multipurpose products: great little helpers that solve more than one problem, for example 2 in 1 nail polish treatments, CC Cream or exfoliating sponges. Perfect when you are pushed for time or to carry in your bag.


9- Experiment with makeup and have fun: try applying it with brushes and become an expert. Renew your makeup cosmetics and, above all, check their expiry date; your skin will appreciate it.


10- Celebrate everything: don’t miss a single opportunity to celebrate any event, have fun and smile… it’s the best beauty therapy!