Twelve months, twelve causes

On: 13 / 01 / 2022 Comment: 0

The aim of this new initiative is to contribute to projects that give something back to society and the environment, in line with the values of Beter, a Spanish company dedicated to personal care and beauty for more than 85 years. So, under the title of “Twelve months, twelve causes”, we have launched an initiative to support a different foundation or NGO each month with the contribution of 50% of the web sales at


Beter regularly collaborates with different non-profit organisations and foundations, it is part of our value system to do our bit to support people, causes or projects that need help and contribute in various ways to making the world a better place. Therefore, the fight against cancer, support for groups at risk of social exclusion, the preservation of the environment and animal care and welfare will be some of the causes included in the project “Twelve months, Twelve causes”, through collaborations with foundations such as the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer), Cáritas and Fundación Ared (Inclusion of Women), among others.