The art of concealer, easy tricks to conceal dark circles

On: 29 / 12 / 2017 Comment: 0

There are plenty of tricks to conceal dark circles and small imperfections such as spots, patchiness or redness. This is easy to achieve with the right tone of concealer and the appropriate brush.

For dark circles in the undereye area ​​, choose a tone that is one shade lighter than your skin to give more light. Do not select excessively light or whitish tones to help avoid the “panda” effect that we see so often in photos. You can mix the two tones of the Beter Look Expert concealer until you get one that matches your skin perfectly.

Puedes mezclar los dos tonos del corrector Beter Look Expert hasta conseguir el que encaje perfectamente con tu piel.

Apply the concealer after your foundation, which makes it easier to blend in, but do not apply foundation to the area of ​​dark circles. It is best to moisturise it first with a special eye cream. Avoid putting concealer on the area with ​​“crow’s feet”, as it can make these small wrinkles look more obvious.

 Use the concealer brush; its synthetic hair does not absorb the product and lets it slide on smoothly, and it also allows you to apply thin layers and ensure perfect blending.

 Draw an inverted triangle using light touches under the area of ​​dark circles and blend it into the skin.

Mira el video y verás que fácil es