Halloween: easy Catwoman makeup

On: 23 / 10 / 2017 Comment: 0

Your step-by-step guide to a super feline look and all the tricks you need to make yourself up as an authentic Catwoman. Surprise everyone on Halloween night with a sexy look that you can do yourself in no time at all.

Step 1

Prepare your eyebrows to frame your look: use the Brow Styler brow pencil to define brows and cover empty patches, then comb them with the built-in brush to blend and fix them.

Step 2

The precision tip of Look Expert liquid eyeliner makes it very easy to outline your eyes. Start in the central area of the eyelid, moving outwards in an upward direction past the outer corner of the eyes. To add more intensity, apply a stroke of black eyeliner with blender.

Step 3

It’s time for the false eyelashes: to achieve the “cat’s eyes” effect, cut them to size to fit the outer edge of the eyelid. Use the false eyelash applicator to fix them into place.

Step 4

Using the same black eyeliner with blender, paint the cat nose and some dots on the cheeks to look like whiskers. As it is waterproof and long-lasting, it will stay perfect all night.

Step 5

Finally, gather your hair into a ponytail so that the focus is on your feline look.


Watch the video tutorial and discover how easy it is!