It is our 85 anniversary. Know our history

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Let us give you a brief overview of our history: Beter was founded on June 18th, 1936, the first Beter Mano Negra razor blades were made in the Hijos de Rogelio Rojo factory in Vilafranca del Penedés. Buckles, hair clips and staples were also made.

Due to the outbreak of the Civil War, work at the factory was interrupted, and it was not until 1939 that the company reopened and razor blades came on to the market.


The name Hijos de Rogelio Rojo dates back to 1922, based in the factory located in Masquefa (Barcelona). Currently the third and fourth generation of the Rojo brothers continue to lead Beter. Initially, the factory was dedicated to the production of metal accessories and razor blades. Today it is a civic centre offering several services for local residents.


The entire team gathered in the old factory to celebrate our 85th anniversary with a journey through time.

In the 1940s, Beter razor blades were very popular, thanks to their quality and original adverts.

The range of razor blades expanded in the 1950s with new, equally popular brands, such as KIRA, MANO NEGRA and FLOR DE LIS, which were sold in drugstores by a wide network of sales representatives.


Beter's innovative spirit was evident, right from the start, in the design of products that make shaving easier, such as this patented razor that includes an after-shaving stick in its handle.


The 60s was the moment to complement men's grooming with personal care tools such as shaving knives, scissors, nail clippers, travel bags and other manicure items. And finally, in the 1970s, Beter focused on personal care for women: manicure tools, tweezers and eyelash curlers. It was also at this time that Beter products became more visible at the point of sale thanks to the new skin packaging

Step by step, the brand's products were introduced in different channels and in the 1980s the exclusive range for pharmacies was created, known as the blue range. From then on perfumeries distinguished the products by using the characteristic pink packaging.

This was the moment for daring advertising aimed at enhancing the beauty of consumers, with innovative and practical accessories.

As 2000 approached, the range of products expanded: in addition to manicure and pedicure accessories, Beter added brushes and hair accessories, makeup accessories, gift boxes and other bathroom items. The evolution of the range was accompanied by large investments in logistics, blister packaging machines and display systems, which were increasingly important.

At this stage, the BETER ELITE brand was born, the first premium range of beauty accessories that could be found in the main select perfumery chains. Beter also began to grow internationally at this point, thanks to the creation of the export department. Today Beter is present in more than 50 countries.


In 2010, our "Pinzette" was a finalist for the Vogue Award for Innovation.  We also celebrated our 75th anniversary with the whole team at a magnificent party.

In April 2014, we moved our central Barcelona office to a new one with more space on Carrer Aribau. In 2016 we launched a new website adapted to all types of devices, designed to offer consumers the maximum information about our products and related content such as tutorial videos.


On our 80th anniversary, we created a limited edition of the original “black” Beter tweezers.


With 2020 on the horizon, we launched a logistics space located in Martorell, with 6,200 m2 for the preparation, control and distribution of the more than 800 products offered in the company's catalogue.


This brings us to the present day, a time in which our focus is on the environment and constant innovation, essential factors to meet the demands of our consumers in their beauty rituals.


Sustainability and respect for the environment are key both in the design of our products and their packaging and in our logistics management. For this reason, we have initiated different actions that contribute to preserving the environment: 

minimizing the presence of plastic, using sustainable materials, searching for biodegradable components for the development of new ranges and favouring easy recycling and the reduction of resources in our work.



-  Renewal of the packaging of the Beauty Care range: replacement of the blister pack with a 100% FSC-certified cardboard pack.


-  Creation of Natural Fiber: range of makeup and personal care accessories made with natural materials derived from wheat fibre, also with packaging made with FSC cardboard. The Natural Fiber collection of brushes was awarded in the category of Best Product chosen by users in 2021.


- Ocean brushes and comb: made with recycled plastic from fishing nets.


-   Beter Dental Care: the oral care line made with natural materials derived from wheat fibres, suitable for vegans.


Beter Natural Manicure: vegan nail polish and treatment with more than 83% ingredients of organic origin.



And if you want to get to know us a little more, here is a 2-minute video that you will love.