Beter, por un futuro más sostenible

Sustainability and respect for the environment are key at Beter, both in the design of our products and their packaging, and also in our logistics management. That is why we prioritize the reduction of plastic, the use of sustainable materials, and the search for biodegradable components for the development of new personal care lines, as well as the recycling and reduction of resources in our logistic tasks. The well-being of the planet is also ours. 

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Natural Fiber, the first complete range of sustainable personal care accessories

Natural Fiber is the first range of personal care accessories that brings sustainability into your daily beauty ritual; a unique and unmistakable concept with a long track record of success.

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HAAN, the hand sanitizer with a solidarity B-side

The new daily use hand sanitizer formulated from aloe vera and hydrating agents that kills 99% of germs with a simple spray, leaving a pleasant touch and aroma on the skin. Learn more about their social face!

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