Facial cleansing with Natural Fiber

On: 26 / 02 / 2020 Comment: 0

- The micro threads of synthetic hair gently clean the dirt left in pores and you can use it all over the face except for the delicate area around the eyes, where it is advisable to use a specific product and cotton wool discs or reusable makeup removal pads.

- The silicone disc exfoliates and massages, perfect for the chin, nose and forehead, where the greatest amount of oil tends to accumulate. The massage stimulates circulation, resulting in a more radiant face.

  1. Wet the face and brush, apply a small amount of your cleanser. Make gentle circular movements, avoiding the area around the eyes.
  2. Rinse and use the silicone side for more thorough exfoliation, especially in the T-zone to get rid of blackheads. TIP: you can also rub it on the lips, so it exfoliates them and makes them soft and ready to apply your favourite lipstick.
  3. Rinse and gently pat your face dry. Now you can apply your cosmetic treatments and make the most of their active ingredients.




Natural Fiber is the range of beauty accessories that take care of you and the environment.

We have used natural materials, derived from wheat fibers, that are 100% biodegradable, reducing the presence of plastic in all products as much as possible. Even the packaging is made of FSC certified cardboard, thereby helping maintain a more sustainable environment.