Carnival makeup and hairstyle: Frida Kahlo tutorial

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We propose a fantastic look that is very easy to do and that will surprise everyone. Transform yourself into Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican painter. We will tell you how to do your makeup and your hair to copy her unmistakable style. You only have to look for some vintage earrings, long ones are best, a floral headband and some typically Mexican style clothes. Watch the video step by step:
look at this video:

Prepare your face

With the Flat Top Kabuki brush apply your usual liquid foundation, without forgetting the neck area. Define contours with bronzing powders and the Contouring brush, to clearly define your features. Conceal dark circles using the concealer, making your eyes look brighter, blend it in with the sponge for a natural finish


Eyes and cheeks

Use the same bronzing powder or a reddish shade on the upper eyelid with theblending brush. Now, with the dark browneyeliner, draw a line with a corner and blur it with the sponge on the end.

Highlight the cheekbones by applying intense blusher with theangled brush.

ick eyebrows are the key to the look: comb them with the brow brush, fill them in with thepencilin the shadeclosest to the colour of your eyebrows and blend.
To give more intensity, define the inner part of the eyebrows with the
fine pencil eyeliner. ApplyBrow booster gelto give them volume.

It is time to join both
eyebrows. Usetheindividual Brow & Lashes false eyelashes,cut them in half. Stick hairs in between the eyebrows with the special adhesive for false eyelashes, using the applicator to put them in place. Once they are glued, blend them in with the eyebrow pencil. Cut the artificial hairs to fit your natural eyebrows.



Intense red in theRed Glamshade. Apply itwith thelipliner brushso that it lasts longer and is well blended.


For the hair, mark the parting with the Easy detangling comb. Keep in place with the invisible O.P clips on the sides. Make a braid on either side and attach them to the top of the head with clips.

Some long, heavy earrings and a floral headband are the final touches.

Hello Frida!

Mira el video: