Haan Carrot Kick hand cream

Nourished Skin. Hands Full of Life.

A hand cream collection inspired by creamy popsicles packed with all that prebiotic superfood your skin microflora needs to stay healthy from the inside-out!

50 ml bottle refillable with Hand Cream Popsicle Collection refills

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7,86 €


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A pop-cream packed with all the prebiotic inn and fructose your skin needs to stay balanced and healthy.

  •          96% ingredients of Natural Origin
  •          Biological photoprotection
  •          Prebiotic complex
  •          Aroma: Carrot seeds, turmeric & creamy woods
  •          Social contribution: 1 bottle of 50 ml à 283 litres of clean water projects in developing countries.


How to refill

  1.       Pull the plug of your hand cream’s refill and cut off its top.
  2.       Fill up carefully with the product available in the filling container.
  3.       Lean your pouch into the opening of your hand cream.
  4.       Fill up the bottle with the refill's hand cream.
  5.       Put the cap back on the hand cream's bottle.
  6.       Make sure the cap is correctly inserted and the hand cream is properly closed.
  7.       Plug the Refill and keep it for the next time.


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