Bamwood, Hairbrushes that Care for Your Hair and the Environment

On: 9 / 08 / 2023 Comment: 0


Introducing our new range of hairbrushes, Bamwood. As the name suggests, this line is crafted from bamboo, a sturdy and durable material sourced from FSC certified forests. It's a lightweight and ultra-soft material with anti-static properties that prevent frizz. This added value becomes evident in the brushing and styling of your hair, turning it into a much more pleasurable process. 

A total of eight pieces make up this line where sustainability and innovation come together once again. Let's take a closer look:

Detangling brush with two sizes of anti-tangle bristles, a Beter detangler that effortlessly untangles without pulling or frizz. Ideal for straight, wet, or dry hair, it also massages the scalp.

Wooden Paddle Brush designed for daily hair brushing, perfect for curly, wet, or dry hair. It massages the scalp, promoting microcirculation.

Cushion Brush with mixed bristles (anti-tangle + nylon), a detangling brush that untangles without pulling or frizz. Ideal for straight, wet, or dry hair. It massages the scalp, adds volume to the hair, and is anti-static. Also available in a mini version.

Cushion Brush with mixed bristles (nylon and boar), for daily brushing, perfect for straight or wavy hair. Recommended for dry use. It massages the scalp, has anti-static properties, enhances the hair's natural shine, and prevents frizz.

Round Brush, available in three different sizes, all designed to shape and style your hair. The first two models are made with mixed bristles (nylon and boar), the first with a 42mm diameter and the second with a 50mm diameter. The third one features nylon bristles only (50mm diameter). All three are ideal for straight or wavy hair, both in dry and wet conditions. They enhance the hair's natural shine, are anti-static, and don't cause frizz.

The Bamwood line offers an option for every hair type and styling preference.

Elevate your hair care routine with Bamwood, where eco-consciousness meets innovation