Contouring: Discover the tips to enhance and brighten your face

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The contouring technique allows you how to "sculpt" the face using light and shading. A technique that consists in darkening certain areas and illuminating those that we want to highlight; the effect is a more stylized and luminous face.

The following are essential for getting the best results:

  1. -1  Liquid foundation, in the shade suited to your skin
  2. -2  Compact bronzing powders
  3. -3  IlluminatorPorcelain light or Radiant gold
  4. -4 Contour Brush Masters Edition

Special Brush: soft, short, wide-tipped, synthetic hair makes it possible to define the contour and blend correctly.


Step 1

Apply the foundation with the special liquid foundation brush for a natural and homogeneous finish, without imperfections.    

Step 2

With the Contour Masters Edition brush, apply bronzing powders just below the cheekbones in the direction of the temple, the contour of the jaw and the upper part of the forehead. To make the nose finer, make a thin line on the sides.

Step 3                                                                                                         

Now, apply the illuminator by following the bridge of the nose toward the forehead and blending upward. Illuminate below the eyebrows too, in the upper area of ​​the cheekbones, upper lip and chin. It is important to blend well so that no demarcations are noticed. Finish with a touch of translucent powder to fix it in place. The result is spectacularGuardar