Basic corn plane with 1 blade

The Beter metallic corn plane has an exclusive head with a screw that allows you to adjust the thickness of the cut, giving you optimal effectiveness, safety and convenience. Ideal for removing hard skin and calluses from the feet. 

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8,75 €

More info

  • It is advisable to soak the feet in a warm foot bath before using the corn plane to soften the skin
  • Double function thanks to the two grooves: the lower side (1) of the blade for wide areas and the upper side (2) for narrow areas or difficult areas to access.
  • Corncutter double function

Data sheet

Medida14,5 cm

How to change the blade

  • Components:
    1- Place the blade in the position indicated

    2- Put the sheet in place and press gently, the sheet and the blade should be aligned

    3- Turn the screw: 
    Maximum tightening of screw: Maximum thickness of cut. 
    Screw less tight: Thinner cut

    Ready to use!


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