Haan Apple a Day toothpaste

A toothpaste that remineralizes your teeth thanks to a premium formula with Hydroxypatite and fresh flavours inspired by dreamy locations around the world.

50 ml refillable bottle with Haan Vibrant Journeys Collection refills.

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5,87 €


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This clean and natural toothpaste takes care of your gums while whitening your teeth and freshening your breath.

  •          Recycled &Recyclable
  •          96% ingredients of Natural Origin
  •          Formula with Hydroxypatite
  •          Oral prebiotics
  •          Nice flavours
  •          Aroma: Crunchy green apples freshly picked from he orchard with a drop of maple syrup
  •          Social contribution: 1 bottle of 350 ml à 254 litres of clean water projects in developing countries.


How to refill

  1.       Open the cap of your toothpaste bottle.
  2.       Make sure the bottle is clean by rinsing it with water.
  3.       Rinse it once again, this time with alcohol.
  4.       Pull the plug off your toothpaste’s refill and cut off its top.
  5.       Fill up the bottle with the refill.
  6.       Put the cap back on the toothpaste's bottle.
  7.       Plug the Refill and keep it for the next time.




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