Haan Refill Body Wash MORNING GLORY

Aloe vera moisture · 87% natural origin · Silicone free

A Dive of Fresh Moisture: A collection that gently cleanses dirt away with a premium prebiotic gel formula that promotes a healthy skin barrier while restoring its natural pH levels. Vegan and cruelty free. 450 ml.


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Its formula contains a prebiotic complex and 87% of natural ingredients including Aloe Vera and Cococ Nucifera Gycerin, so it can refresh, replenish and moisturize your body.


Designed to enjoy, refill, reuse and recycle. Help leave a disposable culture behind. Buy products to treasure for a lifetime. The sustainable choice to reduce up to 87% of plastic.


Social commitment

20% of profits go to sustainable projects in developing countries



- Purifying Verbena

- Morning Glory

- Margarita Spirit


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