GRWM Unplugged ionic brush - Blue

Charge it and it will be ready to use whenever you feel like it, with no wires to hold you back. Straighten, curl, create waves in minutes thanks to its constant heat at 200°C. Always ready to get your hair just the way you like it. Lightweight and comfortable.


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More Info:

• Ionic and anti-frizz technology

• Compact size - Ideal for travel: 140 g

• USB rechargeable: 2600 mAh lithium battery

• 60 min autonomy

• Fast heating to 200°C

• Anti-scald surface

• Charging: connect the USB to the power with the adapter. The indicator lights up Red for charging/ Blue for Ready. When the red light flashes, it means the battery is about to run out, and you should recharge it.

• Power on: press and hold the operation button for 2 seconds until the indicator turns red and the product starts heating. / When it reaches the set temperature (200), the temperature indicator lights up in green.

How to Use:


1. Comb your dry hair, remove tangles, and separate it into small sections.

2. Take a section and place the brush underneath with the bristles facing up. Keep the section stretched and slowly slide the brush towards the ends in one continuous motion. When you reach the ends, gently rotate the brush to shape them.

3. Let the hair section cool for two or three seconds. Take the same section and slide the brush with the bristles facing down. Maintain a distance of about 3 cm between the hair root and the brush.


Creating waves:

1. Comb your dry hair, remove tangles, and separate it into small sections.

2. Take a section and wrap it around the brush, keeping it close to the root. Rotate the brush outward in a vertical position, hold for a few seconds, and slide downward.

3. Repeat the same technique on the remaining sections but rotate the brush inward. Alternate the two directions for a more natural finish.

4. Let the hair cool and use your hands to separate the waves.



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