The leaf-shaped brush that your hair needs

On: 9 / 03 / 2021 Comment: 0

Hair plays a very important role in our personal care routine. It is sensitive to changes in the weather, the seasons (humidity, cold, sun...), to the treatments we submit it to (dyes, irons, curlers...), to the passage of time... We can pamper it with shampoos, oils, masks and even vitamins according to its needs; the market is full of options. Another way to take care of it, that is sometimes overlooked, is by choosing the appropriate brush that adapts to the needs of your hair, such as the Natural Fiber detangling brush, also known as the leaf-shaped brush.


What makes the Natural Fiber detangling brush so special?


Take note ;), here is our summary:


- It is perfect for all types of hair, long or short, dry or wet, regardless of its texture, although it is especially gentle on weak or fine hair, as it combs gently, avoiding breakage thanks to its 20 mm long, flexible, resistant, anti-tangle bristles.

- The ergonomic design of the semi-curved head, in combination with the length of its bristles, adapts to the shape of the head and allows a greater amount of hair to be brushed with each stroke.

- Its bristles end in a ball, which allows you to massage the scalp while brushing the hair. In this way the area is oxygenated, favouring blood circulation and making the hairstyling ritual a relaxing process.

- It detangles without tugging or creating frizz. You will see how the number of hair that remains in the brush after brushing is considerably reduced.  

- Lightweight, easy to clean, it is recommended not to use it with a dryer.


And finally, it is made from renewable natural materials such as wheat fibres, rice husks and resin polymer, making it a sustainable option which takes care of the environment as well as your hair.


Definitely a must have for every hair care fan.