The brushes that keep your hair clean for longer

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There are many reasons why we might not want to wash our hair every day. We may not want to subject it to drying and styling tools that can damage it, maybe we don’t always have time, or maybe we just have a rather oily scalp and want to avoid the 'dirty hair' look without having to wash it daily. Using dry treatments or specific shampoos for oily hair is not the only solution. Often our hair just needs a good brush to look beautiful. As simple as that.


The scalp is skin and, just like the skin on our face, it produces natural oil. If we use brushes that distribute this natural oil from roots to ends, we will increase its shine and it will look cleaner, because it really is. That is the secret of Bright Day by Beter.


Deslía Bright Day by Beter, the brushes for shiny silky hair

The Bright Day brushes, made with nylon fibres and mixed wild boar bristles, prevent the accumulation of oil at the roots as they distribute the natural oils that are produced in the scalp from roots to ends. But they also offer other advantages that we have listed below:


-  Its base is flexible and has holes to allow maximum air to pass through, and its bristles, assembled without glue, remain firmly attached to the base, facilitating the process of detangling and drying the hair.


-Its wild boar bristles (cruelty free) provide an extraordinary natural shine to the hair, by distributing, as we have mentioned before, the natural oils produced by the scalp during the brushing process.


-It also has flexible nylon bristles that glide smoothly, without tugging or creating frizz, while protecting the hair cuticle and preventing hair loss.


There are two versions of Deslía Bright Day, cushion and round. The latter is ideal for styling, as it resists heat up to 170 ºC, for ultra-fast drying. Both brushes work equally well on dry or wet hair. A must-have brush for all haircare fans.


Discover how they work in this video.


 More about Beter


Beter is a family business of beauty and personal care accessories based in Barcelona, run by the third generation of the family. Beter stands out for the quality and innovation of its products, which have managed to combine tradition with new market demands. After more than 80 years of experience, the company has over 800 beauty accessory products for hands, feet, face, hair, makeup and body.


Beter is a leader in the Spanish market, with a presence in selective perfumeries (Beter Elite), perfumery chains, department stores (Beter Beauty Care) and pharmacies (Look Expert, Mimetik by Beter and Beter Pharmacy). It has co-branding projects such as Mr. WonderfulxBeter (personal care and makeup accessories and hair accessories) and distributes different ranges of products such as HAAN, pocket hand sanitizers, or GelLack, a semi-permanent manicure system for use at home. Beter products are sold in 45 countries.