A high bun with braids, the perfect hair-up style for a wedding guest

On: 8 / 06 / 2018 Comment: 0

This very elegant and easy-to-do hair-up style is ideal for a wedding or special celebration. This hairstyle will add a few centimetres to your height as if by magic and has a slimming effect.

We are going to explain how to do it step by step in just a few minutes. The results are spectacular! We recommend you don’t do this style with freshly-washed hair. It’s better to wash your hair the day before, which helps your style last longer.

Step by step

    1. The first step is to untangle the hair with a detangling brush to prevent frizz.

    2. Use the Quick Volume brush, with its mixed nylon and boar bristles, to comb and create a high ponytail. Hold it into place with a hair band or bungee in the same colour as the hair.

  3. Now is the time to put the bun doughnut into place to add greater volume and ensure a uniform appearance. Fix with several hairpins to keep it in place for hours and hours. Distribute the hair evenly to cover the bun doughnut and comb again with the brush so it is smooth. Hold in place with a ponytail band and leave half the hair at the sides to be able to make the braids.

  1. Use the Quick Volume brush to comb the final strands that we left on the outside. Make a braid on each side and wind them round the bottom of the bun. Fix into place with hairpins.

  2. Apply a little hair lacquer and voilà: a hair-up style for the perfect guest

  3. Watch the video tutorial and put it into practice! You’ll see how quick and easy it is to do.