Everything you need to design your eyebrows at home

On: 23 / 02 / 2021 Comment: 0

At Beter we are often asked what tools are needed to successfully pluck and design eyebrows at home. The answer is simple: light, a magnifying mirror, a normal mirror and a good pair of tweezers. Below is a step-by-step explanation of why each of these things is important.

Light, good visibility and precise tweezers

Lighting is essential. We are often in a hurry, we get up early, there is little time, it is still dark, we don’t have good light in the bathroom, we take a general look at our face after cleaning it, brushing our teeth, putting on moisturizer, sunscreen… and we think that we have our brows under control, until one day, with more time and light, we discover that everything is not as under control as we thought…

Mirrors are another important factor. It is good to have a magnifying mirror to locate the finer hairs or those just appearing, but we should also look regularly in a normal mirror to check how the plucking process is going. This way we see the whole look in perspective, we can compare both eyes and even see if the type of design we are making adapts to our face. In eyebrow plucking there is a golden rule: less is more. If you hesitate between removing a hair or not, leave it, if we make a mistake, this hair can take a long time to grow. You can control it by combing it with a goupillon eyebrow brush and then applying a little fixing gel. Remember to choose quality mirrors that do not distort the image as this can also make a difference to the final result.


And finally, a good precise pair of tweezers that grip even the finest hair well, without breaking it. There are many types of tweezers, they vary depending on the tip, for example: slanted, crab, pointed, straight... We are often asked which is better, here we have only one valid answer: the one that works best for you ;). Each person has a way of holding the tweezers, of catching and pulling the hair to remove it. The important thing, we repeat, is that you get hold of it well and do not break it. The best type of tweezers is that which allows you to do the job easily and comfortably.

A must in personal care, patented design

At Beter we have been in the field of personal care for more than 80 years, and the knowledge of the beauty sector acquired after this journey, together with our desire to contribute to making the lives of our consumers easier, have led us to create Oooh! Tweezers Flash, a mirror that brings together these three features.

It is a magnifying mirror x 10 on one side and normal mirror on the other, with LED light around the magnified part, which is activated and deactivated just by turning the edge of the mirror (battery included). It includes a pair of pointed tip tweezers on the edge, which catch even the finest hairs. A practical three-in-one, 8.8 cm in diameter, easy to include in our beauty kit or in our work or travel bag... A must have with a patented design that is essential for eyebrow plucking.


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