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It is normal, in healthy hair, to lose between 100 and 200 hairs every day. If we notice more hair loss in autumn it may be due to aggressive external factors that have affected the hair during the summer months, such as tight hairstyles, dyes, extreme straightening, etc., and if the hair is long, we notice it more when it falls out

Así que no hay que asustarse, pero sí cuidarlo y desterrar viejos mitos como no lavarse o cepillarse el cabello con frecuencia:


  • Trim the ends, especially if you have very long hair.
  • Wash it regularly to avoid excess grease on the scalp.
    Use a suitable shampoo for your hair type and that allows for frequent or daily use.
  • Detangle carefully without tugging. With a gentle brush that protects the cuticles.
  • Spend a few minutes giving your scalp a gentle massage to activate microcirculation: from the nape of the neck towards the forehead and from the sides towards the crown, finishing off by brushing from the forehead to the nape of the neck.
  • And, obviously, enjoy a balanced diet with plenty of pulses, cereals, nuts, dairy, eggs, fish and meat.