Highlighters: do you know how to use them properly?

On: 18 / 02 / 2016 Comment: 0

A highlighter adds light to the darker areas of the face that you want to highlight to give a radiant finish. It also helps minimize the appearance of a tired or dull complexion. When applying, it is a good idea to do it in daylight or with good artificial light.


To make it easier to see the points that need highlighting, the best thing is to use a fluid highlighter after applying foundation. The highlighter pencil, with a fluid texture and rich in pigments, is very easy to use: apply a small amount and glide it on with the built-in brush using small touches. The results are immediate, radiant and natural.

These are the points of light that are typically highlighted:

- Under the arch of the eyebrow.

- In dark circles under the eye, from the outer third of the eye, or from where the iris begins to the temple.

If your eyes are close together, in the inside corner of the eye, if they are very far apart, it is preferable not to apply highlighter.

- A subtle line from the centre of the forehead to the tip of the nose.

- In the Cupid's bow, just below the nose.

- Below the lips, in the centre.

- A touch on the chin.

Remember that the highlighter enhances but does not correct. You know better than anyone else which areas to highlight to suit you best, so use it well in your makeup routine and get a look that is luminous, radiant and full of life.