Steps for hair brushing

On: 15 / 03 / 2016 Comment: 0
After washing and conditioning your hair with the most suitable products, eliminate excess water with a towel and detangle it gently using a wide tooth comb or a skeleton brush..


Hair must be styled when it is still damp but almost dry, so first we will just use the hairdryer with circular movements with the help of our fingers until it is 80% dry.


To style, the shorter the hair is the smaller the diameter of the brush should be. Use the thermal brush with ceramic base that corresponds to the length of your hair. This is the most suitable brush because it distributes the heat in an even way and eliminates static electricity. We can divide the hair using clips and style it starting with the under layers.

Using the brush, we lift the hair from the root and turn it all the way along and outwards. Finally, a touch of cold air to seal the cuticles.