Stressed skin: five warning signs

On: 6 / 03 / 2019 Comment: 0

Sensation of tightness and dryness, especially in the area of cheekbonesand lips. The first stepis to moisturise the skin with products that are rich in hyaluronic acid which, thanks to its water-retaining molecules, maintain natural moisture. This way, skin will recover its softness and suppleness.Night masks are also good helpers in soothing dehydrated skin, it is important to apply them on clean skin. Remove your makeup at night with theCleansing experiencemagic toweland apply your mask: it's the best way to get the most out of it and improve results.
If you use foundation, we recommend the Look ExpertLiquid Foundation, it contains hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil that help maintain the natural moisture of the skin, in addition it is SPF 30.
Expression lines
Wrinkles and expression lines are formed mainlyby the presence of free radicals,which attack healthy cells thus reducing their ability to produce collagen. It is time toapply anti-ageing products rich in vitamin E and D, which neutralise free radicals.And most importantly,always apply sunscreento prevent premature ageing of the skin. With theCC Creamfrom Look Expert, it is very easy: itincludes SPF 30 and vitamins E, B and C with an antioxidant effect. It also has a slight touch of colour that unifies the skin tone naturally.
Dull skin
Stress can cause greater segregation of grease from the sebaceous glands, the main cause of pore obstruction and that undesirable dull skin tone. A good facial cleansing routinehelps rid the skin of impurities and improves the tone. If your skin is sensitive, you can use the Mimosfacial cleansing towel, made with natural konjac fibres,it performs a gentle and delicate exfoliation. You can also use thefacial cleansingsonic brush, for a deep clean of the skin that will improve its brightness and tone.
Red patches are the most common reaction to stress or temperature changes. Skin is like a traffic lightand warns us with "red" when it is unbalanced, particularly the mostsensitive skin. In periods of stress, the blood vessels become inflamed and dilate, producing redness. There are specific treatments to calm it if it is itchy or uncomfortable. As withdull skin tone, facial cleansing with theMimosspongeor towel is recommended for its softness.

When we are nervous, we tend to touch our face a lot,especially the eyes, cheeks and chin area. This, combined with the greater secretion of grease, can cause sudden acne: annoying spots that can even become infected. As we have already mentioned,a good facial cleansing routine with specific products is an excellentsolution. And if we want to hide some spots, we can always apply a littleconcealer, if you do it with thespecificbrush, it will blend in better with the foundation and the result will be very natural.
And most importantly: take things easy, breathe, do activities that help you feel balanced amid the whirlwind of day-to-day life, such as taking a walk in the fresh air, dancing or even getting a relaxing manicure or pedicure. And, of course, smile and enjoy all the wonderful little things in life!