The right way to take care of and dry your hair in 8 steps

On: 17 / 10 / 2017 Comment: 0

We like to take care of our hair, to keep it shiny, healthy, beautiful. We dedicate as much as time, money and effort as we possibly can to it. We go to the hairdresser’s regularly, buy shampoos suited to our hair type, even look for tutorials on YouTube to find innovative hairstyles and great treatment products... But what if we are getting the simplest things wrong? Do we take care of and dry our hair properly after we wash it?

Here are some brief tips to keep everything under control:

Step 1. Before washing, apply a few drops of hair oil (argan, coconut...) to dry hair and leave to work for a few minutes.

Step 2. Detangle your hair gently to prevent it from getting too tangled and make it easier to comb later.

Step 3. After washing and conditioning the hair, remove excess moisture with a towel and detangle it gently.

Step 4. Use the hairdryer with circular movements, using your fingers to dry your hair a little. It should stay slightly damp so that you can mould it.

Step 5. Divide the hair into sections using hair clips.

Step 6. Start moulding the hair from the bottom. Use the brush to lift the hair from the root, sliding it and turning it along and outwards. Keep the hairdryer 15-20 cm away from the hair.

Step 7. Finish with the sections in the area on the crown. If you want to add volume, make upward movements with the brush.

Step 8. Apply a few drops of hair oil to give a touch of shine and finish defining the style.

You won’t be afraid of damaging your hair with the Hair Flow round brush, as its bristles are flexible and extra soft and the holes make drying easier.