Transform your bathroom into a relaxation oasis with Coffee o'Clock

On: 1 / 06 / 2023 Comment: 0

The new personal care line that will not only pamper you but also take care of our planet! Because we know the best time of the day is when you take a break to treat yourself, when time stands still, and you can disconnect from your routine.

So, what makes Coffee o’clock so special?

Ingredients and designs that are super exclusive and innovative, making your beauty routine easier than ever! Whether in the shower, bath, while shaving, or taking care of your skin and hair, these products have everything you need.

Care about the environment? So do we! Coffee o'Clock is the sustainable choice you've been looking for. It gives you an energy boost while taking care of yourself and the planet. New experiences that uplift your mood and make you feel in tune with the world!

Here's the exciting part: our products include recycled coffee grounds! Yes, that coffee you love is now in your favourite beauty products. It helps reduce plastic and gives a new purpose to an organic waste.

Love natural materials and recycling? Then you'll be delighted to know we use renewable plant fibers and recycled materials. Less energy and less waste, perfect for environmentally conscious girls!

Oh, and of course, we're cruelty-free! Our line is vegan-friendly. With 18 products to choose from, including sponges, brushes, we have everything you need for your beauty routine!

But that's not all:

Struggling with facial shine? Our Anti-Shine Roll-On is perfect for combination and oily skin. It gets rid of excess sebum in an instant!
Need some love for your eyes? Try our Eye Contour Patches with natural ingredients that awaken your gaze and reduce dark circles.

Want soft and clean skin? Our Coffee-infused Konjac Facial Sponge is the answer. Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


And if you're concerned about your hair:

 Our Silicone Bristle Scalp Massager will help you keep your hair healthy. Give your scalp some love!

 The Detangling Brush with Flexible Bristles will help you get rid of those knots painlessly, whether your hair is wet or dry.

 Need to dry your hair quickly? Our Microfiber Towel Turban is perfect for that.


So, in summary, Coffee o'Clock offers you everything you need for fabulous skin and hair, all while taking care of the planet. It's time to enjoy the moment and treat yourself! Ready to indulge in some sustainable luxury in your personal care routine? Let's go for it! ☕????