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Benefits of a 7 Free manicure

On: 19 / 03 / 2018 Comment: 0

Technological advances in the composition of nail polishes have improved a great deal, giving products that care for the nails whilst making them beautiful, such as the Beter Nail Care line. There are many varieties of nail polishes on the market, but an important factor is choosing those that are free of ingredients that could be harmful. Opting for innovative formulas that help you show off healthy and beautiful nails is a good choice.

But what does 7 Free mean? They are nail polishes that don’t contain the following ingredients:

-          Toluene and formaldehyde: these petroleum derivatives make the nail polish last longer but can be harmful if inhaled.

-          DBP (phthalates): this chemical is used in plastics and solvents. European regulations have limited its use in cosmetics.

-          Formaldehyde resin: it provides durability and shine but can irritate sensitive skins.

-          Camphor: it can be toxic in high proportions.                      

-          Parabens: they act as preservatives. The European Union has limited their use in cosmetics since 2014 and has banned certain types of parabens.

-          Xylene: prolonged inhalation can be toxic.

Now you can enjoy a 7 Free manicure and paint your nails with peace of mind thanks to Beter Nail Care:

-          Youth Color nail polish:a 2-in-1 product that provides colour and treats the nails in turn, available in 10 stunning shades.

-          8 solutions for deep care of your nails: from the Overnight Repair Maskto almond oilfor nails and cuticles.

And if you want to see how to get a 7 Free manicure at home, watch the step-by-step video.