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Brittle and dehydrated nails

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Nails of this type split open in layers and therefore chip easily. They have a dry, matte appearance and barely shine. They tend to break and are very sensitive to cleaning chemicals.

Always use a fine (220 grit) or extra fine (280 grit) fiberglass file to avoid breaking the layers and edges of the nails. For extremely delicate filing, we recommend the tempered glass file. Give the nails a square shape, with small movements and in just one direction.


A good dose of Strength Infusion, the Beter Nail Care strengthener, will give them firmness. Its rehydrating formula with a high content of keratin, arginine, tea tree oil and hexanal penetrates the keratin of the nails and reduces microlamination. Apply it twice a week until your nails recover.


Hydrate them at night with Treasure Oil, the almond oil by Beter Nail Care. Its high concentration of pure almond oil (93%) hydrates and restores nails and cuticles, especially if they are dry and rough. It nourishes in depth by acting on the nail matrix. Apply it to nails and cuticles, massaging for better absorption.


If your nails are very dehydrated and punished, we recommend our "pyjama product" the Overnight Repair Mask, which restores the natural hydration of the nails. Its overnight action creates a layer that repairs and invigorates them, thanks to its formula with 3% vitamin B5, wheat protein and Aloe Vera. Apply a layer to clean, unpolished nails. Let it act overnight and remove it in the morning with soap and water.


It is recommended that your nails rest from nail polish until they regain strength. And when you polish them, use the Youth Color rejuvenating nail polish, which protects your nails from ageing: every time you apply it, your nails will be stronger and softer. Colour and treatment all in one with extraordinary shine in 10 beautiful shades.