3 steps to design your eyebrows

On: 18 / 02 / 2016 Comment: 0

First of all, prepare what you will need: Magnifiyng Mirror x 10 , eyebrow comb and good tweezers. Too make them beautiful you will need an automatic eyebrow pen and a brow fixation gel. Before you start pulling your hairs out, you can define a semi circle with a pen respecting the natural shape of your eyebrows.

1-      With a mirror, start looking where do you think you need to pluck hairs. Comb your eyebrows to different directions and you'll see which hair is left over. You can cool your eyelid with a skin tonic soaked cotton

1-      Pull out, one by one every hair that stands above the line you drew, pulling out bravery to the same direction of hair's growth .Avoid to pluck too much the upper eyebrow zone. Comb them again upwards, downwards and to both sides.If there's a too long hair, cut it with scissors.

2-      Now, to cover up empty spaces, apply the eyebrow automatic pencil, that has a soft texture and a natural colour. Apply it from the center of the eyebrow and start again smudging it. Finish with a little of eyebrow fix gel, which will keep them impeccable all day.