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5 steps for a manicure at home

On: 14 / 03 / 2016 Comment: 0

1. Clean

Before anything, remove nail polish if you are wearing it. You will soon see how quick it is with the Dip in nail polish remover:  you introduce the finger; a couple of movements and you're done! Now clean them properly with the nail brush. To avoid yellowing, put your finger tips in a bowl of warm water with whitening tablets; this will give you whiter nails and soften cuticles at the same time. Remember, if you paint your nails regularly, you should have a break every 15 days.

2. Cut and file

To cut nails you can use nail scissors, clippers or nippers, but if you don't have much experience, you will find the nail clippers handy as they can easily be used with both hands. You chose the shape you want to give your nails: oval or square - start with the fibreglass file on the rough side and shape with the smoother side. And for a smooth finish, use the Laser or tempered glass file. Remember to shape your nails using small movements and always in the same direction.

3. Removing cuticles

This is one of the most important steps and one that will really make your nails look clear, wide and shiny. First of all, apply the Express cuticle remover and let it work for two minutes. Gently push the skin back with the bevelled tip of the pen or an orange stick. If there is still excess skin, remove it with the nippers or cuticle remover.

4. Finishing touch

For the perfect finish use the nail buffer. With just six rubs on each side your nails will boast spectacular shine, with no nail polish at all.

5. An extra help to keep your nails healthy

If you want to speed up growth, the Calcium Gel gives your nails nutrients and revitalises them. To keep them hydrated you have your best helper in Protein oil To make them firmer or as an excellent base before the nail polish, apply the Strengthener. And don't forget the hand and nail cream for deep moisturising.