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How and when to cut newborn baby nails

On: 26 / 10 / 2018 Comment: 0

Babies' nails are different from those of adults, they are thinner, more brittle and more delicate. In some newborns they are almost imperceptible, but in others they protrude from their fingertips and break easily, creating small edges with which the little ones can inadvertently scratch themselves when moving, especially on the face. How and when to cut babies' nails is one of the most frequent concerns of first-time parents, since on the one hand they are afraid of hurting their little ones, while on the other hand they want to prevent them from scratching themselves.

Manicure and pedicure tools adapted to their age

The nails of newborns are very close to the skin, so it is important to cut or file them very gently and delicately to avoid small injuries to the fingers. It is essential to use manicure and pedicure tools adapted to their age, while taking into account the child’s character. In other words, if they are very active, it might be better to choose a 'surprise-proof' tool such as a file or a nail clipper, while if they are rather calm, there would be no problem in opting for a pair of scissors.

For the first days of life, it is best to use the Minicure file made of tempered glass, with its extra-fine grit and rounded tips, which files safely and with the utmost delicacy. Once the first weeks of life have elapsed, you can opt for the special extra-fine grit file from the Minicure kit, with rounded ends like the previous one, which is complemented by a small nail clipper with a small head and an ergonomic shape that facilitates a precise and clean cut.


You can also use the special childcare scissors, specially designed to cut the baby's delicate nails, even from the first day. Its extra-short blades with rounded tips allow for maximum precision and safety. The way to cut the nails of newborns is to always do it very carefully, remembering that the nail should be above the edge of the skin. It is advisable to follow the natural line of the nails, leaving the corners square, to avoid possible ingrown nails, and then polish these corners with a special file for baby nails, such as the one in the Minicure kit.

Over time, the nails of newborns become stronger and no longer break so easily. It is then, after the first few months, that parents can start to cut them with tools such as blunt-tipped baby scissors.

And one last note, it is advisable to choose a time when the little ones are calm to carry out the manicure-pedicure process, such as after the bath or even while they are sleeping, so that they gradually get used to the process. As you can see, there are many options for the little ones to have a polished manicure without edges and, above all, not to scratch themselves during their first months of life.