How do you clean your hair brushes?

On: 28 / 11 / 2017 Comment: 0

different types: wooden and natural bristles, cushion, thermal, detangling Many of us have more than one: the one we use to detangle our hair before and/or after washing it, the one with which we mould our hair, the one that helps smooth it, the one we take to the gym, the one we keep at work… These tools accumulate quite a lot of dirt (dust, hair…) and once in a while they need some TLC to keep them effective and make sure they are in good condition to take care of our hair. Here we explain the best ways to clean them.

In the case of combs, you can wash them directly with water and neutral soap and dry them carefully. If you want to disinfect them more thoroughly because you haven’t cleaned them for a long time, you can put them in a bowl with water and a little alcohol, white vinegar or a few drops of tea tree oil for about 10 minutes. This will get rid of any bacteria. Then remove them, rinse them and dry them well. Be careful with wooden combs as they don’t like water much.

With any type of hair brush, the first step is to remove any hair left behind in it. Use a fine-tooth comb or tail comb for this. Once you have done this, put it in a bowl with warm water and a little soap (a neutral soap will work, as will bath gel or even shampoo), and leave it for a couple of minutes. Wash it gently using your hands. Finally, rinse the brush under the tap to remove any traces of soap residue.

After this, dry the brush carefully with a towel. It is likely that you can’t manage to remove all the moisture in the bristles, so leave it to dry horizontally on a towel with the bristles upside-down so that the moisture drains off.

Be especially careful with your wooden brushes, as they don’t like water much and shouldn’t be immersed in it. In this case it is better just to clean the bristles with soap using a toothbrushwith a little water and soap, and finally rinse the brush carefully under the tap before drying it thoroughly with a towel.

  • Your brushes and combs are now ready to care for your hair.