Manly and care eyebrows, attractive image

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Choose a good pair of straight-edged or slanted tweezers, depending which suits you best. A x10 magnified mirror, a rectangular one is best so that you can see both eyebrows at the same time and a special eyebrow comb.

good time to pluck your eyebrows is just after a shower as the pores are open and it doesn't hurt so much. Before starting, you can outline the shape with an eyebrow pencil, respecting the natural shape of your eyebrows. Pluck each hair individually outside of the line you have drawn. Don't pluck too much off of the top part of the eyebrow. Then comb them upwards, downwards and to both sides. This will reorganise your eyebrows and allow you to see the spaces in them so that you can correct them.

If you find a long hair, it is better to trim it with scissors instead of plucking it to keep the eyebrows looking even. After plucking, use a moisturiser with Aloe Vera to soothe possible irritations.