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The nail buffer: what it is and how to use it

On: 11 / 03 / 2016 Comment: 0

The nail buffer is a star accessory; an essential for the finishing touches of a manicure as it gives nails a smooth appearance and enhances natural shine.

It forms part of the file family, known as emery boards, and their main feature is the grain or grit: a high number grit means that it has a higher quantity of very small grains whereas a low number means it has a thicker grain. The buffer has a very high number grit and is padded on both sides.

The two step professional buffer is suitable for healthy nails:

Step 1 is used to remove any rough bumps and smoothen, gently rubbing the surface of the nails without applying too much pressure. We recommend doing this every two weeks. If the nails are very thin or fragile, repeat this step every three weeks.

Step 2 is used to add extraordinary shine with just six rubs, which means there is no need for nail polish. Use once a week is enough to give your nails spectacular shine.

And if you like painting your nails, remember to give them a break for a minimum of a couple of days between different polishes. That way they won’t dry out, get weaker or go yellow.