Tweezers: The difference is in the TIP

On: 1 / 02 / 2017 Comment: 0

In the beauty world, there are a few must-have tools in your kit, and tweezers are definitely one of them. They're not just for plucking brows—they're your go-to for those rogue hairs that pop up out of nowhere!

But not all tweezers are created equal. Each type of tip has its own superpower, and knowing which one to use can make all the difference between a beauty win and a beauty fail.

Here's the lowdown on each type of tip and what it's perfect for, so you can pick the one that suits your vibe:


Straight tip: These babies are your ride-or-die for grabbing longer hairs. Perfect for those days when you're doing a full-on hair removal sesh or tackling larger areas.

Slanted tip: Got some stubborn hairs that just won't quit? The slanted tip is like a precision tool for shaping your brows quickly and with total accuracy.

Crab tip: Worried about missing those teeny-tiny hairs? The crab tip has got your back. Its unique design gives you the perfect angle to see and pluck even the shortest hairs.

Fine tip: Got a few sneaky hairs trying to hide? Don't stress—the fine tip is here to save the day. Its sharp design makes it a pro at grabbing those ingrown or hard-to-reach hairs, especially the super fine ones.


Now that you know all about the different types of tips, you can pick the ones that match your beauty needs. And hey, why settle for one when you can go for a double-ended tweezer? Two tools in one—score!

Oh, and don't forget to keep your tweezers in tip-top shape. After each use, give them a quick clean with some alcohol to keep them germ-free. And always make sure to protect the tip to keep it sharp and ready for action.


And remember when it comes to tweezers, quality matters. Stick with tweezers that are polished and hand-aligned, like all Beter tweezers.