Tweezers: The difference is in the TIP

On: 1 / 02 / 2017 Comment: 0
Tweezers are a basic essential in your cosmetics bag. Sometimes we only have one pair and we use it for various things. It is recommendable to have more than one type of tweezers for more effective hair removal. Here we tell you which type of tweezer tip is best for each purpose:

Straight tip: provides a firm grip of the hair to be removed, ideal for longer hairs.

-          Slanted tip: perfect grip of stray hairs and a favourite for quick eyebrow plucking

-          Crab tip: its special shape allows you to see the hairs clearly, especially the very short ones.

-          Fine tip: for very difficult or ingrowing hairs, maximum precision to remove them quickly.


To keep your tweezers in good condition: clean them with a little alcohol after each use, always protect the tip so that it stays in line and do not press them too hard because they may become deformed and lose precision.