Concealing gaps

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High Definition Brow Liner

      Firstly, it is important to comb your eyebrows in different directions to see where there are gaps. Choose the tone of brow liner that matches the natural colour of your brows.

-          Start with the inner area of the brow line and start drawing short fine lines as if they were brow hairs. The start of the brow should be less intense than the arch area to give a more natural result.

-          Blend with the bevel eyebrow brush and finish by combing them with the goupillon. To make sure it lasts all day, use the fixing pencil.

-          You can also use theBrow Styler Express definition brow pencil with its built-in brush, a very easy and fast way to define your brows.

Brow booster gel

A great ally when we don’t have much time. It contains fibres that add density and volume to the shape of your brows and cover gaps instantly.

Choose one of the two available tones. Apply it in light touches, following the natural shape of your eyebrows. If you want extra density, apply a second layer once the first one has dried.

Quick dye - Instant eyebrow colour

A practical solution to give intensity to your eyebrows for over 40 days. It is very easy to apply, and the result is very natural. See the step-by-step application here.


Once the brows are well defined, it’s time for the concealer: apply it with the special brush both above and below the brows, and blend. Also put a touch of highlighter to the area just below the arch of your eyebrows to open up your eyes and add light.