Clean hands and nails to keep germs at bay

As recommended by health authorities, the best way to keep viruses under control is to take care of hygiene, especially by cleaning your hands. Here are some simple tips to do it the right way.

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Tips for shaving with a classic razor

There is a knack to the classic shaving ritual and, if you shave every day, it is worth doing it properly as your skin will thank you for it. The classic shaving razor has a head with a safety lock to avoid accidental nicks. The bevelled shape at the end of the blades combs the beard and provides a softer, more pleasant shave.

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Exfoliate the skin, a prelude to an even and beautiful tan

Do you feel like soaking up the sun to get a nice golden tan? Well, before sunbathing or apply a self-tanner there is a requirement: exfoliate the skin, so it is clean, soft and well prepared for the subsequent application of sunscreen and self-tanner.

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