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5 tips to make your nail polish last

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1. Cleaned and dry nails. So that the nail polish adheres well, clean your nails and eliminate the fatty residues. Remove debris from the previous nail polish with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover. Wash your hands with soapy water and dry them.

2. Shape and size. Oval and short, with straight corners. Draw them with movements in one direction without rushing the edges. Then pass the polish to smooth surface imperfections.

3. Clear nails. Apply extra soft film remover, let it act for a couple of minutes and remove the cuticles with the tempered glass stick.

4. Hydrate and protect. To moisturize nails and cuticles spread a layer of protein oil with vitamin F. And if your nails are fragile, then apply a layer of strengthener, excellent base before the enamel.

5. Color and finishing First a thin layer, wait a few minutes and once dry apply the second. Start from the center of the nail to the root and up to the tip, then the sides. Do not go through the same area several times. To protect the glaze, finish with a coat of top coat. - Do not blow on freshly painted nails - Avoid contact with very hot water or steam, at least for the next 12 hours.