T&T Manicure - Pedicure

Your pedicure step by step

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  1. Clean and exfoliate Prepare the skin with a hot water bath and dissolve an effervescent tablet in it with rosemary and tea tree oil or the tablet with mint and eucalyptus. Clean the nails with a nail brush or use an Express nail polish remover wipe if necessary. To remove dead skin cells on the feet and prepare them for the following steps, we recommend using an exfoliating cream. Apply it with a circular massage with your finger tips all over the foot, up to the ankle. Rinse thoroughly with water.

  1. Remove cuticles Gently push the skin back around each nail with a cuticle stick. If you think it is necessary, remove any remaining skin with the nipper or cuticle cutter.
  2. Cut and shapeCut and shape scissors, clippers or nippers depending on what you are used to. Bear in mind that we recommend cutting nails straight and not too close to the sides to avoid them sticking into the skin. We recommend using the fibre glass file to shorten and give shape to the nails and the cardboard file, which is more flexible and comfortable, to finish off the shape.

  3. Soft feet With the help of a pumice stone and pedicure file, polish heels and areas of dry skin. If some calluses remain, use the corn remover and finish this step off by filing all over to remove dead skin cells.
  4. Finishing touch If you don’t want to paint your nails, you can get a shiny finish with the buffer. If you do paint or decorate them, you can use the toe divider and the Express nail polish corrector. To keep the skin on your feet soft and supple, apply a little anti-callus moisturising emollient all over the soles of your feet, the insteps and the toes.