Everything you need to design your eyebrows at home

At Beter we are often asked what tools are needed to successfully pluck and design eyebrows at home. The answer is simple: light, a magnifying mirror, a normal mirror and a good pair of tweezers. Below is a step-by-step explanation of why each of these things is important.

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Beter, por un futuro más sostenible

Sustainability and respect for the environment are key at Beter, both in the design of our products and their packaging, and also in our logistics management. That is why we prioritize the reduction of plastic, the use of sustainable materials, and the search for biodegradable components for the development of new personal care lines, as well as the recycling and reduction of resources in our logistic tasks. The well-being of the planet is also ours. 

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How to remove makeup without polluting

Concepts like #greenbeauty, #zerowaste and responsible, sustainable cosmetics are becoming more and more popular. Environmental awareness is everywhere, it covers all sectors, including beauty. There are simple acts in our day-to-day lives and our daily personal care routines, for example, in which we can substitute traditional products for more sustainable options. This is also the case with facial cleansing and makeup removal.

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