Everything you need to design your eyebrows at home

At Beter we are often asked what tools are needed to successfully pluck and design eyebrows at home. The answer is simple: light, a magnifying mirror, a normal mirror and a good pair of tweezers. Below is a step-by-step explanation of why each of these things is important.

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How to design your eyebrows at home with a professional result

We are aware of the effect of our eyebrows on the rest of the face and especially on the eyes. Our eyebrows play an important role, with more sophisticated, trendy or natural designs. At Beter we like all designs, although we are fans of the natural finish, the one that adapts to the shape of our eyebrows and makes the face more harmonious. 

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Five errors we make when removing eyebrow hairs

Combing them with a goupillonand using fixing gelis the best way to keep them in place all day long.

Plucking between your eyebrows too much will make your eyes look too far apart and your nose will look more prominent.

Excessively thin eyebrows will also make you look older and give your face an odd expression. If your eyebrows are naturally thin and you want to give them more volume, here is a step-by-step guide to “How to make up thin eyebrows”.

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How to make up thin eyebrows

What are your eyebrows like? If the answer is thin, sparse, irregular… then this post is for you. And we don’t all have the eyebrows we’d like to have: they are either too short or too thin, or too light or there are a few hairs missing... Nobody is perfect, and we love ourselves just as we are. However, with a bit of makeup, we can give them a boost and define them just how we like them: perfect. So, pick up paper and a pencil, we’re going to show you how to give them the desired shape.

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Concealing gaps

We are going to explain how to fill in your eyebrows with a very natural finish. The shape and thickness of your brows depends on genetic factors and whether you have plucked them too much. If you have very thin, light or sparse eyebrows, there are several tricks to give them more density. The aim is to give them more volume and definition, as brows like this tend to be straight and without much of an arch, making us look older. Good brow makeup will have a rejuvenating effect. We can provide different solutions:

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Manly and care eyebrows, attractive image

Choose a good pair of straight-edged or slanted tweezers, depending which suits you best. A x10 magnified mirror, a rectangular one is best so that you can see both eyebrows at the same time and a special eyebrow comb.

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Eyebrow shapes: Which suits my eyes?

When plucking our eyebrows we must take the shape of our eyes into account. These are little details that highlight our eyes. 

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Tweezers: The difference is in the TIP

Tweezers are a basic essential in your cosmetics bag. Sometimes we only have one pair and we use it for various things. It is recommendable to have more than one type of tweezers for more effective hair removal. Here we tell you which type of tweezer tip is best for each purpose:

STRAIGHT: easy, firm grip of the hair
SLANTED: traditional plucking and stray hairs
CRAB: perfect view of the hair, easy to remove it
SUPER FINE: difficult or ingrowing hairs

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Eyebrow design for a round face

If you have a round face like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez or Cameron Diaz, here are some tips for designing your eyebrows correctly.

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What do your eyebrows say about you?

Caring for the eyebrows and the style that each one wants to wear can convey traits of your personality. Discover what is yours.

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3 steps to design your eyebrows

First of all, prepare what you will need: Magnifiyng Mirror x 10 , eyebrow comb and good tweezers. Too make them beautiful you will need an automatic eyebrow pen and a brow fixation gel. Before you start pulling your hairs out, you can define a semi circle with a pen respecting the natural shape of your eyebrows.

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