The brushes that keep your hair clean for longer

There are many reasons why we might not want to wash our hair every day. We may not want to subject it to drying and styling tools that can damage it, maybe we don’t always have time, or maybe we just have a rather oily scalp and want to avoid the 'dirty hair' look without having to wash it daily. Using dry treatments or specific shampoos for oily hair is not the only solution. Often our hair just needs a good brush to look beautiful. As simple as that.

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The leaf-shaped brush that your hair needs

Hair plays a very important role in our personal care routine. It is sensitive to changes in the weather, the seasons (humidity, cold, sun...), to the treatments we submit it to (dyes, irons, curlers...), to the passage of time... We can pamper it with shampoos, oils, masks and even vitamins according to its needs; the market is full of options. Another way to take care of it, that is sometimes overlooked, is by choosing the appropriate brush that adapts to the needs of your hair, such as the Natural Fiber detangling brush, also known as the leaf-shaped brush.

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Everything you need to design your eyebrows at home

At Beter we are often asked what tools are needed to successfully pluck and design eyebrows at home. The answer is simple: light, a magnifying mirror, a normal mirror and a good pair of tweezers. Below is a step-by-step explanation of why each of these things is important.

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